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Do I have to go to school at Essington to play for the Cannons?

FAQ - Do I have to go to Ess

No! Anyone can join and play for, or be part of, the Cannons Club. The Cannons was created and founded by The Essington School and gifted to the Darwin Community in November 2018.

The Cannons are now a proud community Club, managed wholly by a group of volunteers. Students from all schools are welcome to join as players, as are adults from across Darwin!

How can I join the Cannons?

FAQ - How can I join

How can I get a uniform?

FAQ - How can I get Uniform

How are players selected for a team?

FAQ - How are payers selected

The Club hold grading / try-out days for U10s to U18s before the start of each season.

Anyone can request to join a Cannons team throughout the year to see if a team needs additional players.

Where and when do I train?

FAQ - Where and when do I train

The Committee ensure that all teams have a suitable location to train, with training venues, days and times determined by team coaches and managers.

What are the Club fees for?

FAQ - What are fees for

Fees cover team registrations, membership, insurance, venue hire, equipment, administration costs, uniform subsidies, awards/presentation and events, junior development pathways and support.

I don't want to play, but I want to be part of the Club. What can I do?

FAQ - I don't want to play but be part of the Club

You can volunteer in many ways – fundraise, coach a team, manage a team, join the Committee.

You can also donate, provide sponsorship or partner with the Cannons.

We would love to hear if you have any other ideas of being part of the Club.

I want to play more than one division. What are my options?

FAQ - I want to play more

As per the DBA rules, you must play for your age group.

You can request to play for additional age groups/teams/divisions. The registration form will allow you to select the additional age groups/teams you wish to play for.

There are special circumstances where you do not have to play for your age group that require approval. Please contact the Committee to discuss options.

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